Why Thermograms Are Important For Mammography

Thermograms are FDA approved as an adjunct to mammograms for breast cancer screening. (I prefer to call it Breast Health Screening.) Thermograms were almost approved as a stand alone test – but that’s another article.

We all have heard, if not experienced, horror stories about the pain and discomfort of mammograms. Personally, I prefer the jokes: ex. technician to patient “ready to make breast pancakes?” or how to prepare for them www.yuksrus.com/medical_mamogram.html .

The point is that your MD will most probably always recommend them. So why consider Thermograms? Here’s why.

  1. Thermograms are totally safe because there is no radiation and no compression.
  2. Clinical studies have shown that very early on Thermograms detect cancerous activity – the growth of new blood vessels feeding a beginning tumor, a tumor so small it would be undetected by a mammogram for approx. 6-8 years.
  3. Sometimes there is a fully encapsulated, no longer growing tumor that a mammogram detects which results in a biopsy and the spread of cancer. However, if the patient previously had a negative Thermogram, the patient would know that a biopsy would be dangerous and would request the total removal of the tumor – end of story.

If after reading the last scenario, you think “Oh, that is just too much for me to do!” – please think again. There is a shift toward a new medicine model –from Disease Care which is today’s model to Self Care which emphases Health and Prevention. For those of you who want to read more about the latter and how it relates to cancer prevention or healing, I highly recommend a beautiful and inspiring book, Journey to HOPE by Dr. Tomas Hudson, MD. Dr. Hudson is one of the Thermologists who read the thermograms of my clients.

Suzanne Pyle, MS, Certified Clinical Thermographer
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