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What Patients are Saying

After having 2 painful mammographies I said -never again. Later,  when I wrote my doctorate thesis on breast cancer, I found out that thermography is really a better option when "things feel normal" and leave the mammography for later in case something shows in the thermo. Thermography was a relaxing and pleasant experience, especially when done by a friendly and competent person. I highly recommend it.

—Beatriz Gallagher, CNS, PhD (Doctor in Integrative Medicine)


Thermography proved to be a great health prevention tool for me. Not only did I find out that my breast tissue was completely healthy despite a history of fibrocystic disease, but when shown to my OB/GYN he felt no mammogram was required. I therefore skipped the exposure to radiation from a mammogram not to mention the horrible discomfort of that test. My second thermography also helped me to find an inflammatory problem in my lymphatic tissue that I then remedied with some specialized massage treatment. I recommend it highly to all of my female clients!

You don’t necessarily have to get breast cancer.  Not if you can find early warning signs and reverse them like I did.  The heat patterns on my thermogram indicated that I was at moderate risk for developing cancer in the future, so I immediately took action and reviewed my diet, supplements and lifestyle. 

Five months later, my thermogram showed a great improvement.
—Karen Siclare MS, Nutritionist, Whole Health, LLC

I am a cancer survivor, so it’s very important for me to monitor my breast health.  Suzanne is very thorough and also very compassionate.  Having thermal scans done is so different from the mammogram experience – thermograms are painless, quick and easy and I really like that there is no danger of radiation exposure.  I was also impressed that I had my report with the week.
After my 3 month follow-up, I was so relieved to know there were no changes.  Thank you, Suzanne, for bringing this cancer detection system to my attention.

—Janice Pomazi, Redding, CT

Thank you so much for the thermogram pictures. I received them the next day. I'm telling everyone about them. I think it is the only way to go. I can't believe I would ever have a mammogram again.

—Connie Marcie, Nutrtion Consultant and Lactation Specialist, Brookfield, CT

I had my first mammogram two years ago.  I am a big breasted woman and  my boobs were compressed so hard that I started to get lightheaded. After many xrays, I was told I could get dressed only to be called back for more and then an ultrasound.  I know the radiologist was being cautious, but the whole process was frightening.
I have since had thermograms by Suzanne and my whole outlook on breast cancer screening has changed.  It was painless and noninvasive.  I am even looking forward to my next thermal imaging exam.  Thank you X to Rays.
—Elizabeth, Darien CT


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